Mt Buffalo Skyways

Upcoming Community Consultation Sessions

Wed. 1/20 10:00 AM Bright Lions Club - Briefing and Feedback Session


Tue. 1/26 9:30 AM Bright Chamber of Commerce Briefing and Feedback Session

Gondala Task Force will be giving a special presentation at the Chamber meeting. Sabine Helsper, Andrew Wilson and Mayor Nino Mautone will be presenting

Fri. 2/19 10:00 AM Bright Rotary Club

Information and feedback session on the proposed Mt. Buffalo Skyways project

Thu. 2/25 10:00 AM Myrtleford Rotary Club

The Mount Buffalo Skyways Task Force will give the members of the Myrtleford Rotary Club a presentation on the project. Feed back from the members of the community group will be sought during an open discussion.

Wed. 3/3 2:30 AM Alpine Probus Club

Information and Feedback Session

Wed. 3/17 10:30 AM Bright Bowls Club

Project Presentation followed by Q & A session

Wed. 3/24 9:00 AM Rotary Club Beechworth

Information and Feedback Session

Fri. 4/16 8:30 AM Alpine Women's Group

Venue to be confirmed

Fri. 5/21 8:00 AM Appin Park Rotary Club Wangaratta

Information and Feedback Session

Venue to be confirmed

Thu. 6/17 6:00 AM "Open House" Information & Feed Back Session

Public open house session.

This is your last opportunity to voice your support or concerns. Everyone is welcome to visit and comment.

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