Mt Buffalo Skyways

The public consultancy process has now been finalized. Submissions can still be made via the "Contact Us" page of the website, however, any submissions received after June 16th, will not be part of the report to the Alpine Shire Council, which is due at the 30th of June. They will however be collated and forwarded separately to the Alpine Shire Council at a later date. 

The final results of the Mt Buffalo Skyways survey will be posted on this website by the end of June 2010

Frequently Asked Questions



Question                          Answer

Who approved the project?

The Alpine Shire Council unanimously approved the investigation at its meeting on November 4, 2009


Why did Council approve it?

Because it was felt the iconic project might be one way to elevate the region’s status on the national and international tourism map. It is one of many ideas put forward by the community on expanding the potential tourism product offering in the Great Alpine Valleys.


Who leads the project?

Sabine Helsper, who has been appointed Chair of the Mt. Buffalo Skyways Taskforce. Sabine is a Member of the Great Alpine Valleys Tourism Board.


How is the Great Alpine Valleys Tourism Board involved?

The Board, as an advisory committee of the Alpine Shire Council, shall report to Council and assist the taskforce in gathering information. 


What is the continuing role of Council?

The Mayor, Cr. Nino Mautone, and the Deputy Mayor, Cr. Daryl Peace have been appointed members of the taskforce.


How will stakeholders and the community participate?

Stakeholders and the community will be consulted in the months of February and March, 2010. Any individual or community group can use this website to register their interest in the project and/or voice their support or concerns. We are happy to visit community groups  to give them a presentation on the project followed by a question and answer session. If you are not part of a community group and like to discuss this with us, we will sit down with you one-to-one. Please contact us through the 'contact us page' or become a member of this website for updates on the project.


When does the taskforce have to complete a final report?

By June 30, 2010. This report will detail the level of support for the possible project.


What technical advice has been sought?

Two international builders of gondola systems have been consulted to advise on technical considerations, including the practicality of the project.  


What environmental advice has been sought?

Is a gondalo and luge combination envisiged for
Mt. Buffalo?(As proposed
in a previously persued
project for Apex/Mystic
Hills in Bright)

The taskforce sees protection of the environment as crucial. It will consult with environmental specialists to minimize environmental impact. A cable car would travel over the top of existing vegetation.

No, the currently proposed project does NOT include a luge downhill, mainly for environmental protection reasons.

What complimentary activities are being examined?

Stakeholders and the community may give views on various options during the consultation process.  


Will there be any association between the Skyways project and the Chalet leasing project?  


Not unless Parks Victoria requests it.

Will there be a feasibility study or viability study?

Not at this stage. This project is focused on consulting with stakeholders to test the level of desirability. The consultation program will help to decide any next steps.


What will the route of the gondola or cable car system be?

There is no preferred route at the moment. Any recommendation or options would be part of any feasibility study.


Who will fund the project if it is feasible and viable?


This will be a task for private enterprise.