Mt Buffalo Skyways

Mt Buffalo Skyrail (Skyway in Cairns pictured below)


  • Alpine Shire is the second most tourism income dependent local government area in Victoria & needs to develop tourism products for a sustainable future
  • Parks Victoria is currently looking for a new lessee for Mt Buffalo Chalet – it may be the perfect time to introduce second product for the mountain
  • Opportunity to create a unique & iconic tourism product

Key Goals

  • Gauging community and stake holder support 
  • If the project meets "in principle support" a framework within which the Mt. Buffalo Skyways can be developed will have to be developed
  • Finally stakeholders need to be connected with investment money to make the project happen

Projected Outcomes & Benefits

  • Job Creation
  • Increased publicity & marketing opportunities
  • Investment incentive for other tourism products
  • Additional economic benefit from new visitors and extended stays
  • Iconic tourism attraction of international standing
  • Huge flow-on development opportunities 

 In short: the Mt. Buffalo Skyways project could present the single most important tourism development opportunity for the Alpine Shire.  


Task Force

Small, focused project team

  • 3 members of the Great Alpine Valleys Tourism Board 
  • Alpine Shire Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Alpine Shire Economic Development Officer 
  • Outside advisors (at a later stage and on a per need basis)
  • Tourism Vic, Parks Vic and other Government Departments (if the project is supported by the local community)

Next Steps

 If the project is backed in principle by the community and stakeholders, the following next steps will be proposed to local and state government:

  • Research on suitable land for top and bottom stations (in conjunction with Parks Vic) 
  • Gondola routes & types of gondolas (technical viability) 
  • Identification of complementary tourism development opportunities
  • Identification of environmental threats, native title claims or zoning issues
  • Financial model (financial viability) & identification of feasibility issues for further exploration
  • Drafting of proposal for Mt. Buffalo Skyways Environmental Protection Foundation
  • Approach investors/developers for expressions of interest
  • Introduce contractors to investors/developers

It goes without saying that all stakeholders will have to be kept informed during any further steps of the project.

Potential Risks

  • Community objections 
  • Future Mt. Buffalo Chalet lessee may object to project
  • Lack of private enterprise funding
  • Lack of critical tourism mass = no financial viability
  • Lack of government support